Consumer Opt-Out Request

DataX Ltd. maintains your credit file and provides information to certain customers, including lenders, so that they may offer pre-approved offers to consumers as permitted by the FCRA. If you want your name and address removed from prescreen lists obtained from DataX, you may choose to opt out for five years or permanently.

If you elect to opt out for five years, you may contact DataX Ltd. at 800.295.4790 to submit your request over the phone.

If you elect to opt out permanently, please complete the form Notice of Election to Opt Out Permanently, sign, and return it to activate your permanent opt-out. Your request becomes effective with DataX within five days of us receiving your notification. Your Notice may be mailed to:

DataX, an Equifax Company
Consumer Reporting Division
P.O. Box 740125
Atlanta, GA 30374

IMPORTANT: For security reasons, pleaseĀ do notĀ send personal information such as social security numbers, DOB, etc... via email.